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Real Business Consulting – Business Pre-Purchase Report


If you have ever bought an expensive car or house, chances are you performed some pre-purchase checks using a builder or mechanic to ensure you weren’t buying a headache. Businesses require the same attention whether you’re paying $10,000 or $1 million, chances are you are putting down a sizable amount for a new business and your hopes for buying an already established business with the intention to grow it, can easily turn into a nightmare. Some common reasons why a business is for sale include:

1.) Sales have dried up/are drying up.

2.) Future problems are coming which will effect the businesses profitability.

3.) Staff are making the owner miserable.

4.) Tied into expensive Leases.

5.) The business requires to much capital.

6.) The owners started something which has proved unsuccessful and they want to move it on.


At real business consulting we offer to go into detail and check company accounts, marketplace and assess the operation as a whole. We then give you a detailed report on our opinion on the business, its future viability and whether in our opinion you should purchase it. We offer this service for $500 USD and it takes 48 hours to complete. You can either email us a profit and loss statement, balance sheet and copy of financial accounts, or can give us access to the companies accounting system if cloud based.


Please get in contact us, should you wish to purchase this service.