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Real Business Consulting – Bronze Package

Starting a business is never easy, its requires time, patience, capital, and determination but with a little pre-planning and expertise you will be well ahead of the curve ball. Here at RBC our ‘bronze’ package will get you into business and heading in the right direction asap, we offer ‘real’ advice ranging from business ideas, through to implementation and growth. The bronze package includes the following:

After you fill out our client application detailing your requirements we will provide you 3 unique business ideas.

We have launched so many small-medium sized businesses, we know what works and what doesn’t! Unlike other consultant firms that only advise after you have done all the initial hardwork, we are there right from the start getting our hands dirty doing the hard yards of coming up with concepts which will make you money.  Our bronze package comes with 3 unique business ideas based on our wealth of knowledge, the ideas are original, down to earth and designed to maximize your capital input. After we come up with the right idea that works for you, we will proceed on to establish your business.

A list of names for your company/brand.

After we confirm the right business for you, we will think up a list of names for you to choose from, the name swill be aimed at getting your company recognized. Its important to choose a name which is easily remembered, catchy and suits your chosen field.

We advise, and purchase a suitable domain name on your behalf.

We will search for 5 domain names aimed at easy access/search-ability  to your site.

We setup your new email with your new domain.

We will setup your new email address with your new domain name. Such as

We will design a new logo for your company.

We will design a new logo for your company aimed at your target industry.


We will design a new business card for your company.

We will design a new business card for your company.Once approved we will have 250 copies printed and delivered directly to your preferred address.

We will give you one month of unlimited advice.

The most important part of our packages is the advice, knowledge and support we give you. We will support your business 100% during the first month with support via phone/email. Our team can help with many areas of business start up and operation. Sales, Marketing, Product Sourcing, Shipping, Accounting, Forecasting, Cash Flow Forecasts and much more. We have the experience to cover a range of industries, and a knowledge of various markets in a multitude of countries.

How to get started with a Bronze package?

If you ready to take control of your future, and step into the world of business. Get in contact with us, and we will email you an invoice and questionnaire for you to fill out before we get stuck into backing your new venture. Need a website also or additional support? checkout our Silver Package.

RBC Bronze Package Pricing

New Zealand: $2845 + GST

Australia: $2600 

USA: $2000

Canada $2550